Diamonds undergo an extensive transformation process through cutting and polishing to make them shine. They are examined to determine their best shape, then split, cut, and polished – a process which can take weeks or months. And much of this process is still done by hand by a few master gem cutters. The diamonds are then brought to jewelers and designers to be placed in a setting that is just right for each stone. So when purchasing your diamond, there's more to it than just its sparkle. There is an incredible process it underwent just to get to you.

When buying your engagement ring or diamond ring, it is important to know the basics. All reputable jewelers across the world, use the four C’s to describe diamond quality. Contact us for more information and we will be happy to guide you through your journey.



The first and most important point of the four C’s is diamond cut. Cut refers to the reflective quality of a diamond and not its shape. If a diamond is cut properly, it will reflect the light up through the center of the stone.  It will also have an amazing sparkle on your engagement ring. A poorly cut diamond will leak the light, resulting in less light being reflected and less sparkle.


Most diamonds contain tiny natural marks called inclusions (or blemishes). Many of these cannot be seen with the naked eye. Th e number of inclusions, their size and location all affect the diamond’s clarity grade. The fewer inclusions on the diamond, the more valuable the diamond.


The carat-weight of a diamond measures the weight of a diamond and not the actual “size”: 1ct = 0.2 gram.

(Note: Images not to scale, pictures shown are for comparison purposes only).


The closer a diamond is to being colorless, the rarer and more valuable the stone. Diamonds can be measured on a color scale which ranges from D (the best and colorless) to Z (light yellow). The further down the alphabet the diamond is, the more yellow appears in the stone. Diamonds that are high up the color grading scale, such as D, E, & F, are considered to be most valuable.

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